Archive Advice for Guildford Cathedral

The People’s Cathedral Project was a successful stage 2 bid to the Heritage Lottery which secured a grant of £4.6m in January 2015 which combined urgent building repairs with a programme of community engagement which will capture and reveal the heritage of the building.

The project also involved an oral history project which will capture over 200 memories of the brick-givers and those involved in the construction of Guildford Cathedral. This unique story will be complemented by a programme to digitise the cathedral’s extensive and comprehensive archive containing approximately 140 boxes and 53 folders of fascinating items.

Janice was involved at the development stage of the project to work with the volunteer archivists to examine the collection and its needs, including confidential material, digital materials and other media. She undertook an initial assessment of

•          Governance issues –collecting policy, records management etc

•          Collection needs - storage and conservation.

•          Collection needs - cataloguing

•          Collection needs – non-paper based media and digital records

•          Developing access – physical access

•          Developing access – digital access and digitization

•          Developing access – promotion and resource discovery

This resulted in:

  • The development of a costed plan for the accessioning, cataloguing, conservation, preservation and exploitation of the collection. This plan would be taken forward by volunteer archivist and a temporary professional.

  • The development of recommendations for storage, access (physical and digital) and to ensure the compliance with relevant legislation and guidance. Develop outline advice for records management procedures.

  • Outline description of training needs for delivery of the project.

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