Archive Service Accreditation

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Archive Service Accreditation is a standards scheme that drives improvement by externally validating and accreditating achievement. Janice Tullock Associates Limited led the development of the scheme over a 3 year period writing the detail of the guidance and designing the scheme. The scheme was launched in June 2013.

Since then we have worked with clients to help them to prepare for an application for Accreditation and have led the process within other organisations. Several clients have now successfully achieved Accredited Archive Service status, benefitting from our detailed knowledge of the standard.

We are now able to offer the same level of support to other clients via several packages:

Package A: We will run two introductory half day sessions with your staff team. These sessions will introduce Archive Service Accreditation and discuss how far you already meet the requirements. We will look at the evidence you have that you meet the standard and will identify areas requiring work. You will be left with an action plan which will help you to reach Accredited Archive standard.

Package B: As well as covering all the work in package A we will check in with you twice over a 6-8 month period to assess the work undertaken against the action plan. We will be able to answer any queries and discuss how far you meet the accreditation standard.

Package C: As well as covering all the work in packages A and B we will work with you to bring together all the information required for completion of the Archive Service Accreditation application.

We have worked with several clients in this way now and can therefore offer these packages at a very economical rate. Contact us for further information.



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