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Looking for an archive consultant? Or a freelance archivist? Do you need support for your archive management and development ? Or are you looking for advice and development options for your archive and heritage resources? Are you looking for help with funding applications, service reviews and forward planning? Are you looking for an archive and heritage consultancy that won't produce an off the shelf product, but will work with you to find the right solution ? 


At Janice Tullock Associates Limited we can offer a wide range of services and expertise to address your individual requirements. Experienced archive consultants, archivists, museum professionals and learning specialists are available to help. Have a look through our website and discover the range of services we can offer you. Find out more about our services,our experience, our philosophy and our team of specialist advisers and archive consultants.


"I am emailing to say thank you for your work on the analysis of the Archive Service Consultation which I received earlier this week at the Project Board. It is an excellent piece of work which I am aware that you turned around incredibly quickly. It is really clear and well presented. All of the Board were very impressed and it certainly made our job very straightforward in term terms of agreeing recommendations and next steps. Thank you." Janene Cox OBE, Commissioner for Tourism and the Cultural County, Staffordshire.


"I've been really pleased with the way your team have delivered the plan and the final document is excellent. More importantly it is a document that we can use -  It was also good that we were able to 'tailor' the plan so that it was something that would work within our organisation.Your team got the right balance of listening to the client, but also pushing us into the right direction! " Kevin Bolton, Archives+ for the HLF Activity Plan


"We also thank Janice Tullock Associates for their dedicated work over several years to get us to this publication day." Dr Melinda Haunton, Programme Manager (Archive Service Accreditation), The National Archives.


"What you have achieved this week is nothing short of miraculous! Thanks so much." Recent Client.


"Janice Tullock is a brilliant communicator and make the subject interesting and understandable. She is very enthusiastic" Archives MA student


Shortlisted for Record Keeper of the Year 2016 by the Archives and Records Association.


Latest News

Collection Surveys & Assessments

Collection assessments are the first step to managing collections. Janice spent spring surveying collections at the Walker Art Gallery and the Royal Liverpool Golf Club.


Remembering the Second World War

Spring 2019 will see Janice and colleagues begin work for the Imperial War Museum on the development of their Second World War Partnership.


Mapping the North West

Summer 2018 sees the start of a project to develop a digital archive mapping project which will reach across the North West. Janice will lead this project to develop this exciting resource.


Returning to Cheshire to talk audiences

Janice, Emma & Marge returned to Cheshire Archives and Local Studies to further develop their plans for the service. This time the focus is very clearly on who uses archives and who might use them in the future.


A return to Huddersfield

Janice & Emma returned to Heritage Quay at Huddersfield University in June 2017 to deliver a HLF Activity Plan for the project to move Kirklees Archives to the University.


Reaching the Premier League

 A premier league football club is the latest client seeking to protect its historic assets. Janice is tasked with leading this work and with helping to develop the archive service in the long term.








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